CHATTER: Determination of Relay Contact Chatter Performance During Seismic Testing

Shake table testing of relays and similar electro mechanical devices often requires that the chattering of contact be monitored.  There is concern that vibration induced chatter may cause adverse system operation.  Hence, a typical criterion is that contacts do not chatter (change their state) for over 2 ms.  CHATTER monitors multi channel (16-128) contact performance and provides a summary indicating if these criteria have been met.

Contacts are typically energized with a 5 VDC signal and resistively loaded to pass a 20 mA current.  Normally Closed (NC) contacts will consequently be monitored to see if the 5 VDC remains constant or drops to 0 VDC, indicating chatter.  On the other hand Normally Open contacts (NO) will be monitored to determine if they remain at 0 VDC or chatter to 5 VDC.

CHATTER provides a histogram of the number of chatter events of various widths (2, 4, 8, … 128 ms) and indicates if the contact passes the 2 ms criteria.

CHATTER is a PC-based, ANCO written software.

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