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System Warranty, Service and Maintenance

Initial Warranty

ANCO typically offers a one year warranty on provided test systems.  As an option a second year (or longer) warranty can be offered.  The warranty can cover parts or parts and labor.· Under a parts warranty, ANCO will assist by phone, e-mail, and TELETECH to diagnose any equipment failure and provide repair/replacement for the parts at no additional charge.  If ANCO on-site labor be required to diagnose the problem or install replaced parts, ANCO will charge our standard labor rates, travel, and per diem.

Service and Maintenance

As part of system installation, ANCO provides client training and maintenance manuals.  In many cases this training and material allows the client to maintain the system with only occasional support from ANCO.  However, ANCO offers service and maintenance plans to perform these services for our clients and assure long term uninterrupted system availability.  These plans are typically negotiated and billed on a year-to-year basis.

Under a service and maintenance plan, ANCO will periodically visit the client site to perform routine maintenance and visit when needed to diagnose and resolve any system malfunctions.  These plans are used after the initial warranty period.  Please refer to the Warranty Section for details on ANCO support during the initial period.

ANCO offers both a Basic and Extended Service and Maintenance plan.