ME’scopeVES 5.0™: Animated Structural Response and Mode Shapes

ANCO has teamed with Vibrant Technology, Inc. to offer the dynamic data visualization program ME’scopeVES 5.0™.  The ME’scope package allows animated presentation of earthquake, sinusoidal, or transfer function data.  It allows graphical presentation of the test structure and animation of the motion. This includes both operating shape motion and modal response motion, as illustrated below.  Data from ANCO's eccentric mass vibrators, shake tables, and impulsive/ambient testing systems (FOVDAR, DANCE, ANIPC, and GENDAR) can be imported to ME’scope for increased visual understanding of the systems.

In addition, ME’scope provides modal identification capabilities in which the program automatically determines the mode shapes, resonant frequencies, dampings, and effective masses of the various modes of vibration of the test structure.  These experimental mode shapes can be plotted graphically and compared side by side with the mode shapes predicted by finite element models. 

You can learn more about ME’scope and download and use a demonstration copy of this package from  (See also ANCO product FEA & Seismic Analysis.)

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