General ANCO System Warranty, Service and Maintenance

First Year Warranty

As a part of the base bid ANCO typically offers a one year warranty on provided test systems.  As an option a second year (or longer) warranty can be offered.  The warranty can cover parts or parts and labor.

Under a parts warranty, ANCO will assist by phone, e-mail, and real time remote access (TELETECH) to diagnose any equipment failure and provide repair/replacement of the parts that are deemed deficient as delivered by ANCO at no additional charge or as specified by the contract parts warranty.  If ANCO on-site labor is required to diagnose the problem or install replaced parts, ANCO will charge our standard labor rates, travel, and per diem.

Under a parts and labor warranty, ANCO will also provide the on-site labor to repair/replace the parts at no additional charge. Please see the Basic and the Premium Service and Maintenance Plans described below for ANCO service calls during and after the warranty period.   

Response time to a warranty request will vary depending on the component involved and the geographic location of the equipment.  The ANCO 24/7 service number (1-303-249-1131) allows for immediate contact to resolve or initiate resolution of any request.  As an option: time limits for on-site or parts replacement can be negotiated on a contract-by-contract basis. Parts covered under this warranty are all parts that ANCO has delivered to the client, which are deemed defective due to improper installation by ANCO, flawed material, or workmanship.  If the equipment is found to be misused, neglected, modified without ANCO approval, or system safety limits overridden, ANCO is not responsible for the repair or replacement of the part(s) or equipment.  In no way does this warranty imply ANCO has any liability for consequential damages or delay caused by equipment deficiency.

Service and Maintenance Plans

ANCO offers both a Basic and Premium Service and Maintenance plan. Services and materials covered during routine maintenance will be specified in writing at the time of contract negotiation. The price of the service contract is based on a percentage of the original purchase contract price.

Basic Service and Maintenance Plan

Premium Service and Maintenance Plan

Premium Service & Maintenance Plan provides the following in addition to the Basic Service & Maintenance Plan:

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