Motion Platforms

Motion tables are shake tables which typically have large displacement capacity (up to +/-2 m and +/- 45 degrees) and operate at lower frequencies (below about 5 Hz.).  Motion tables are used for simulating ship and aircraft motion and the long period effects of earthquakes.  They are often man rated and used in flight and ride simulation, or to investigate the biological effects of vibration on humans.  These tables can be electric or hydraulic actuator-driven and have 1 to 6 DOF.  Man rating is achieved through careful safety system design including end-of-travel bumpers and shut-off switches, maximum acceleration automatic shut down, uninterruptible power supply, dead man and E-stop switches, padded guard rails, shutdown on seat belt release, and strict Internal Review Board protocols for human subjects.

The large linear and angular table displacements (surge, heave, sway, pitch, roll, and yaw) make table control and monitoring a nonlinear geometrical process carried out by the ANCO TRIREME software.

Example:  6 DOF motion table for ship wave action simulation.

Example:  6 DOF table for investigation the effect of earthquake long period motions on GPS sensors.

3 DOF flight simulator

for missile guidance

system evaluation

Northrop2 Trireme

2 Meters

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