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January 2017

Taming Tsunamis and Earthquakes at 100G’s

Seismic research and simulating the effects of tsunamis on harbor structures, dams, and buildings is aggressively researched in China. Several earthquake and water geotechnical research centers therefore relay on simulating condition to ‘scaled’ models by producing static acceleration vector with a magnitude of 50 to 100 G’s.  This is accomplished by employing large centrifuges with payloads that contain bi-axial high frequency hydraulic shake tables coupled with fast data acquisition and camera systems to study soil settlement and failures. ANCO has a long history and is one of America’s leaders in providing solutions and seismic payloads to aid this research.  Our turnkey systems include the implementation of mechanical, hydraulic, data acquisition, and video systems.  Hence ANCO’s solutions help researches to produce methods for designing safer and more reliable structures.  Recent installations are located in Beijing and Tianjin. A video of a large centrifuge in operation containing a dual seismic shake table inside a custom pay load can be seen in this video.

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