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November 2016

Multi Axis Elevators Moving People of the Future with Futuristic Technology

It is estimated that by the year 2050 a large percentage of this earth’s population will live in large ‘supersized’ cities.  This growth is proportional to the challenges that city planners face in producing a safe and sustainable infrastructure to accommodate an increasing population. One effort is to design larger and taller buildings that can house tens of thousands of people. To efficiently manage the flow of people in, out, and within those building is a tremendous challenge. The need to transport people at higher speeds not just vertically but horizontally using electromagnetic elevator cabins has led to a very interesting design concept. It removes cables from traditional elevator designs and the associated limitation due to structure vibrations. In addition to dealing with very tall structures, low frequency vibrations need to be further managed to produce a comfortable living environment. The German company GERB, in Berlin, proposed and implemented, with the help of ANCO, a biaxial controlled tuned mass damper in a giant research tower build by Thyssen Krupp located in Rottweil Germany.

Eifel tower for size comparison