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Shaking things up since 1971


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Real Time Modal Property Identification of Full-Scale Large Buildings using LabVIEW

6 Degrees of Freedom Motion Simulation and Hexapod Driver using LabVIEW

Performance of High Rate Kinematic GPS During Strong Shaking: Observations from Shake Table Tests and the 2010 Chile Earthquake

Using NI LabVIEW to Operate a Large-Scale Public Earthquake Simulator

Servomotors Shake It Up

Servo Motor Driven Shake Tables for Multi-Axis Testing

Vibration Study of the U.S. Court of Appeals Building for Seismic Isolation Retrofit

Seismic Shake Tables for Commercial Dedication Programs

Guidelines for Estimation of Equipment Natural Frequency

Fidelity, Independence, and Stationarity Performance of the ANCO Tripodal Independent Triaxial Seismic Shake Table

Effect of Weld Ductility on High Frequency Seismic Response

Piping Component Performance Under Simulated Water Hammer Loading

Extreme Loads Seismic Testing of Conduit Systems

Consequences of Electrical Contact Chatter Caused by a Seismic Event

Visco-Elastic Pipe support Effect on Water Hammer Induced Loads

Multi-axis Squeak-and-Rattle Testing and Servo Motor Shake Tables

Test Facility for Simulating Water Hammer Effects on Piping

A Load-Limiting Device for Transmission Tower Design

Vibration Activity Monitoring of Offshore Platforms

Development of a Device for Reduction of Severe Dynamic Loads in Electric Transmission Towers

Design and  Planned Use of a 2-Kiloton Eccentric Mass Vibrator

The Experimental Basis for Parameters Contributing to Energy Dissipation in Piping Systems

Third-Party Review of Historical Data Use for Equipment Seismic Screening

The Comparative Dynamic Response of Typical Class II Piping with Different Support Conditions

Methods for Experimental Comparison of Two- and Three-Dimensional Seismic Test Severity

Experimental Evaluation of the Nonlinear Seismic Response of a Nuclear Piping System with Different Support Conditions

System Identification of Large Structures-Evidence of Usefulness

Independent Three-Dimensional Shake Table Excitation and Its Future in Nuclear Power Qualification Programs

Dynamic Response of Piping Systems at Varying Load Amplitudes Experimental Studies

Methods and Benefits of Experimental Structural Dynamic Evaluation of Nuclear Power Plants

Plastic Capacity of Raceway Supports-Experimental Evidence

In-Situ Nonlinear Soil Property Measurement

Analytical and Experimental Investigation of the Dynamic Response of Underground Nuclear Power Plants

A Seismic Shake Table for Testing Overhead Equipment

A Minicomputer based Vibration Test and Analysis System

Experimental Verification of Dynamic Models

Electromechanical Energy

In-Situ Testing for Seismic Evaluation of Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant  for PG & Electric Company

Plant Engineering  in Earthquake Country

Methods for the Identification of Dynamic Parameters of Mathematical Structural Models from Experimental Data

Experimental Determination of Damping in Nuclear Power Plant Structures Equipment

Testing Terminology

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