Related Links and Resources

Vibrant Technology, Inc - Post processing vibration and acoustic test data software. ANCO’s vibration testing systems are linked to their product.

Martindale’s, ‘The Reference Desk’ - offers thousands of calculators in mechanical, structural, civil engineering, and other areas of engineering and science.

MatWeb - The on-line materials information resource. Contains property data on more than 18,000 materials.

Vibration Research Corp - Designs and manufactures leading edge vibration control systems for electro-dynamic and servo hydraulic shakers.  These systems control some of ANCO’s many shake tables.

Dactron - Designs and manufactures DSP-based test and measurement equipment for shaker control and signal analysis. These systems control some ANCO shake tables.

Data Physics Corp - Designs and manufactures multi-channel FFT Analyzers for noise and vibration measurements, and Digital Shaker Controllers for environmental testing and stress screening applications. These systems control many ANCO shake tables.

LMS - Offers virtual simulation software, testing systems and engineering services in the areas of structural analysis, motion, ride & handling, noise & vibration, acoustics and durability. These systems control some ANCO shake tables.

Spectral Dynamics - Supplier of systems and software for vibration testing, structural dynamics, and acoustic analysis.

Compumotor - Servo electric drives for motion control.

Danaher – Servo electric drives for motion control.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) - Education, seminars, and publications in earthquake engineering.

Equipment Reliability Institute - Educational seminars in shock and vibration.

Gardner Systems - Servo hydraulic systems.  Many Gardner Systems components are used in ANCO’s shake tables.

Moog - High performance servo valves. Most of ANCO’s servo hydraulic tables use MOOG valves.

SKF - High performance spherical bearings, many of which are used in ANCO’s actuator swivels.

Taylor Devices - ANCO also reduces structural vibration using energy absorbing fluid snubbers such as those produced by Taylor Devices.

University of Colorado - Geocentrifuge for information and examples on educational programs using geocentrifuges.  ANCO has delivered copies of this centrifuge to other Universities.

National Instruments - Offers a wide variety of data acquisition hardware and the LabVIEW programming language.  Most of ANCO’s specialized software packages are Virtual Instruments using LabVIEW and NI hardware.