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Closed loop control of single and multi-axes shake tables.  Sets up drive time histories and instrumentation data acquisition and performs table motion equalization.

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Open loop control of single and multi-axes shake tables.  Sets up drive time histories and instrumentation data acquisition.

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Produces response spectrum compatible time histories for seismic analysis.

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Performs the independence and stationary checks required for multi-axes shake table testing per IEEE-344.

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Provides multi-channel chatter analysis of relays and similar devices during shake table seismic testing.

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Closed loop control of sinusoidal eccentric mass vibrators. Sets up sweep parameters and monitors transducer response to provide frequency response plots.

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Open loop control of multiple servo hydraulic or servo electric actuators.  Sets up drive histories and monitors displacement and load responses in multi-actuator test systems.

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Open loop control of low frequency high displacement 3D and 6D motion platforms.  Sets up drive histories and determines table position achieved, as well as other transducer measurements.

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Closed loop control of multi-actuator test systems constrained by user defined displacement/load criteria.  Sets up time histories and monitors actuator and test specimen response.

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General purpose multi-channel data acquisition and display software.  Provides for plots of time histories, response spectra, PSD, and FFT.

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Provides animated response shapes of structures from sinusoidal or transient vibration data in the time or frequency domain.  Also provides for comparison to FEA predicted mode shapes.

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Closed loop control of geocentrifuges with transducer and video display of test sample with soil edge detection capacity and block cycling.

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