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ANCO’s main introductory video (5 minutes).
Earthquake Testing using ANCO shake tables.
Using Visco-elastic dampers to protect piping systems for power plants.
ANCO’s hydraulic vector biaxial table tests the reaction of wine racks to earthquakes.
ANCO’s all electric independent biaxial shake tables University Sharjah at UAE testing scaled models of bridges.
Using ANCO’s eccentric mass vibrator to generate high energy, low frequencies, sinusoidal forces to test structures and to generate seismic waves for petroleum exploration.
ANCO’s Trireme software and motion table simulates high displacement and high angular motions such as the effects on cargo on ships at heavy sea.
ANCO’s GS1000 pneumatic impulse generator used to study cracks in columns and for seismic wave studies.
All electric independent triaxial shake table for nuclear power plant equipment qualification.
Public education shake table in Paris designed to allow people to experience different earthquakes.
Planar triaxial electric shake table designed to allow people to experience different earthquakes.
Typical slide show shown while running ANCO’s public education shake tables.
ANCO’s hydraulic vector biaxial table ‘R1.’
ANCO’s servo hydraulic independent triaxial table for seismic and ship vibration qualification study (MIL-STD 167 Ship Vibration).
All electric 6 DOF table for durability testing of automotive components.
All electric triaxial independent shake table for qualification of large nuclear power plant control systems (Westinghouse).
List of Select Videos featuring Anco and Anco’s Shake Tables