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Shaking things up since 1971


ANCO Introductory Video

Introduction Multiaxial Shake Tables

Introduction to Visco Dampers

Virtual Displacement Sensors

Seismic Shake Tables

R-1 Model Shake Table

45 Earthquake Test

2 DOF Hydraulic Shake Table-A

2 DOF Hydraulic Shake Table-B

3 DOF Electric Shake Table-A

3 DOF Electric Shake Table-B

3 DOF Electric Shake Table-C

3 DOF Electric Shake Table-D

3-DOF Hydraulic-Shake Tabel-A

6 DOF Hydraulic Shake Table-A

6 DOF Hydraulic Shake Table-B

6 DOF ‘R-156’ Electric Shake Table

6 DOF 'R-156' Electric Shake Table

6-DOF Ocean Wave Simulator

Model of a Hexapod

Low Cost Education Shake Tables

R200 Tables Smartphone Driven

R201 Sine Wave Video

Public Education Shake Tables

3 DOF Public Education Platform-C

3 DOF Public Education Shake Table-B

3-DOF Public Education Shake Table-C


GS-1000 Eccentric Mass Vibrator

MK-15 Dual Cam EMV

MK-150 Dual Cam EMV

G1000 Pneumatic Impulse Exciter

Centrifuge with 2DOF Payload at 100G’s

NOVA PBS TV Coverage

Hagia Sophia: Istanbul's Mystery

Using an ANCO R-148 shake table