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Contact Anco if you have single equipment or equipment families that you want qualified to these standards.  Anco has a proven track record having submitted and got approved the largest OSHPD qualification package to date (January 2010).

ANCO performed seismic tests on 57 components of the GE Security EST-3 fire protection safety system manufactured by General Electric Security in order to qualify the EST-3 product line (consisting of 556 models) to the worst case RRS as defined by AC-156 and the IBC, 2006. This also envelopes the guidelines outlined in UBC, 1997.

Test objects (single or combined) can be up to 8 tons in weight.  Our mounting surface accommodates sizes as large as 10 x10 feet.

Check out our R1 and R2 tables

OSHPD Related Testing

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