GERB Viscoelastic dampers use bituminous or silicone viscous fluids to provide a 6 DOF zero maintenance damper for controlling pipe vibrations.  ANCO provides custom clamping and installation.  The GERB units can also be used with helical springs to provide full base (3 DOF) isolation systems to prevent machine vibrations from propagating to nearby equipment.  (See also

TKH Isolation Platforms provide seismic isolation for critical and costly items such as computer servers, medical instrumentation, telecommunication equipment, and art objects.  Four sizes are available, covering equipment weights from 50 to 1000 kg.  Multiple units can be combined to increase payload.  Stokes of 150-200 mm in dual horizontal directions are available.  (See also

ANCO’s TL3 are low-cost, long stroke, single event energy absorbers that are used to protect electric transmission lines from catastrophic progressive failure.  The TL3 can be used to protect any critical structure from singular dynamic events (e.g., parachute deployment, ship mooring, and tow lines).  The TL3 behaves as a rigid compact link until a preset trigger force (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 tons) is reached.  Then the TL3 extends at approximately constant force for a stroke of 1, 2, or 4 m at which point it resists further elongation with a capacity of approximately 350% of the trigger-rated force.  Hence the TL3 absorbs a large part of the shock energy and reduces the peak force to the protected structure to 0.2 to 0.5 of that which would occur without the TL3.

ANCO also reduces structural vibration using energy absorbing fluid snubbers such as those produced by Taylor Devices. (

TL3photo Gerb photo-L THK Image Gerb model-L

Vibration Mitigation Devices

ANCO provides pipe work vibration control hardware (GERB Viscoelastic Dampers) and vibration isolation bases (GERB Viscoeleastic Dampers and THK isolation platforms) for protection of critical equipment.

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